The Commonwealth Of Both Nations II - Calamity Of The Realm

The History of Poland is rooted in the arrival of the Slavs, who gave rise to permanent settlement and historic development on Polish lands. During the Piast dynasty Christianity was adopted in 966 and medieval monarchy established.
This section is about history of Poland available in English.
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The Commonwealth Of Both Nations II - Calamity Of The Realm

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The Commonwealth Of Both Nations II - Calamity Of The Realm
by Pawel Jasienica
Translated by Alexander T. Jordan
The fourth volume of Pawel Jasienica's magnificent epos of Polish history, "Calamity of the Realm,"
covers part of the 17th century and deals with a multitude of wars with Muscovy, Sweden, the
Tartars, Cossacks, and Turks. It also describes the complex relations between Poland and France.
The dominant protagonist of the era was Jan III, one of the greatest kings in Poland's history. He
was first and foremost a brilliant commander, whose victories won him the popularity which
brought him to the throne.
Jasienica describes in colorful detail the many campaigns of Jan Sobieski, in which he
demonstrated a tactical skill that won him battles against enemies far stronger in numbers.
Elected king in 1674, Sobieski proved to be a statesman as well as a soldier, but his task was rendered almost impossible by the
intrigues of the powerful lords, who frustrated any attempt at adopting constitutional reform. The situation was complicated by
his French-born queen, who tried to promote the interest of France and its King Louis XIV. King Sobieski's letters to his beloved
wife show him to be a talented, poetic writer.
The highlight of Sobieski's reign was the great battle of Vienna in 1683. A huge Turkish army led by Kara Mustapha was
advancing westward. The Habsburg emperor fled his capital of Vienna, unable to defend it. Germany could not match the Turkish
army. The future of Europe was at stake. King Jan Sobieski came to the rescue at the head of the Polish army, smashing the
Turks and thus any threat to the Western Europe by the Ottoman Empire.


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